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Nike Carding method 2022

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When it comes to carding you have to consider a lot of things, hey, I wrote a few articles on carding. I wrote an article about  Amazon Carding  ,  PayPal Carding , but in today’s article, I will focus on Nike Carding. Carding Nike is like how to order things from Nike without paying a penny. I teach you how to do this and before that we need some basics for Nike to be successful.

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Things Needed For Carding

As I said above when it comes to Nike carding, you need to put in place some requirements which I will list below:


Vpn is the powerful tool to use when it comes to Carding, it will hide your IP address and when you are on PC, it will bring the latest Nike Carding method interface.

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Drop can be thought of as a place where you go to pick up your map items. Drop can be anywhere but can still use your post office or open land.

You will still need a Pickup to deliver the items to you, the Pickup needs to be extremely careful when picking up the items.


A picker is the person who will help you collect the carded item from either the depot or the shipping company.

You will work in conjunction with the picker as you need to find something for him in another to pick up the carded items and drop them off at your location.


fake phone number

You will need fake number for carding method

Regarding this aspect, you must be very careful, you must obtain a register sim card, the number is what you will use on the website, it is the same number that you will use to communicate with the selector. Get a fake number that you can drop after the deal. You can get a fake phone number from this site at  the number must be registered with your CC details

CC Fullz

You need to get a working CC, as far as CC is concerned I will advise you to get UK or US, it’s very easy to use and works great as far as Nike Carding is concerned.

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Fake email address

When it comes to carding, you need to be completely anonymous, you need to create a fake email that will allow you to be anonymous to avoid getting caught.

How to card Nike

When it comes to carding Nike, you have to take into account certain criteria. This is what I call Nike Carding Tutorial or you can also call it Nike Carding Format. Below are the basic steps regarding the Nike Carding Method.

Get CC Fullz

You need to buy a credit card or you can also get one from your friends so you can use it to card on

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Obtain an email address/phone number

You need an email address and make sure to create a fake email address with a fake phone number. Use this email address to create a Nike carding account.

Open a Nike account and add your CC

Make sure you create your account with a fake email and a fake email address. To create a Nike account, please visit to create an account and add the necessary information, but please make sure that all this information is fake details.

Add order items to cart

Once your Nike account creation is complete, place your order, select a shoe and other items, and then place the order.

Check Items

On this process, you need to add your payment information:

To add a payment on, you must do the following below;

  • Log in to your Nike account
  • Go to credit/debit card
  • Choose Add card option and enter your CC details

When you advertise your successful CC order, it will be deleted automatically. All you have to do is contact a preparer to help you recover the items.

Pick up order

You must pick up your order at any Nike store.
It will normally take 3 days to get a trusted picker to pick and deliver the item to you.

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Conclusion on Latest Nike Carding Method 2022

I guess with the little information above, you have learned how to card on using the Nike Carding method,

Make sure your VPN is connected and active as this will allow you to be anonymous to avoid getting caught or being blacklisted on the website.

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Stay safe, card smart and make sure you’re anonymous.

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