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In this comprehensive guide we will be discussing how you can card eBay in 2022, with that said eBay is one of the most advanced sites to successfully prevent fraudulent transactions and some carders especially newbie to mid-level would go as far as saying that eBay carding is dead.

We can assure you that carding eBay is one of our most requested sites when it comes to our live one-on-one masterclass most of our students think that we will definitely get stuck while carding eBay and we can tell you that happened a few times with us just because the card we used was low in balance and each time that happened we used the exact same card but just bought the SAME item for a lot less low price and it worked.

eBay is the first ecommerce company to have successfully implemented artificial intelligence to their carts in order to gauge the risk factors associated with the payments to determinant whether the transactions follow their shopper’s natural behavior or there is something fishy that needs a closer look by doing a manual fraud assessment and by far they have done a pretty good job at that.

See when you are at a scale that eBay is it’s a hell lot easier to make big data predictions because their analysts have a ton of data at hand to determinant fraud from legit transactions, the same can be said about other big techs like amazon, facebook, twitter, Instagram so on and so.

Lets not get bored with technical stuff, the point we made above is you need a high level of carding skills in order to card eBay or else you will get caught 10 times before you will be able to make a successful transaction and that’s if you are a good learner meaning each time your order is caught as fraud and declined you take notes and learn so that you do not repeat the same mistake again.


  • eBay Account, don’t even bother with buying an account its unnecessary especially when you are starting even if you buy an old account you will have to use SOCKS5 to match the location and whole bunch of things so if the account you bought didn’t come with accurate history your eBay account will get blocked right away;
  • Good CC / CVV2 (buy from our shop);
  • Drop (to receive the goods)
  • Premium SOCKS5;
  • Email;
  • Phone Number;
  • CCleaner (this is important and you must get a premium CCleaner to remove any traces that are not wiped with standard CCleaner);
  • Net (must check your setup and it must be 100% green)

Once you have all the above tools in place you can go ahead and proceed to the steps listed below:


  • First, find the sellers who send the goods within one day after payment. It is very important. Look, ask the sellers. Then, when you have already found such a seller, go to his store and find the products you need.
  • You may ask why? It’s because once your item has been dispatched, the seller can no longer do anything.
  • Use Premium SOCKS5
  • This is one of the most important things, if you have SOCKS5 that is 100% green on Now you can check if the SOCKS5 IP is blacklist, and then check it again at
  • You must have searched and bought your CC / CVV2 in our store of the same city and state you are going to be carding in.
  • After you have cleared everything, log in again with socks5, add already selected products to the basket and proceed to payment.
  • Select payment by debit card, fill in all data and details.
  • Now if you did everything right and your CC was live with balance you should expect delivery of the goods to your drop soon.


Buy from eBay sellers with higher feedback i.e 95%+ and use debit cards those are the best and eBay prefers debit cards over credit cards simply because they eliminate the chargeback risk to the degree that eBay is comfortable with.

Don’t forget to clear Cookies after each attempt using CCleaner premium!

In order to check when the seller sends the goods, you can first ask him. Or ask to send the goods as quickly as possible because it is a gift and you want to have time to give it.

Always try to use CCs via ebay guest checkout. Choose goods in the amount of $ 500-800, always, in order for you to earn from this.

Buy strange items – sellers on ebay are always trying to sell them as soon as possible, when you open and, make sure that your time zone also matches the system and SOCKS5.

As we mentioned above if you want to cut out the frustration from your carding journey then consider learning from the very best by getting our one to one masterclass in our shop.

Steven Madden

Steven Madden

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